How to Write an Exploratory Essay on Globalization and Minority American Communities

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An exploratory essay on globalization and minority American communities is very different from the traditional argumentative essay as you must write to convince your audience that your problem is important to them. Not only do you have to prevent this problem but you need to provide some conclusions as to how the issue can be solved.

There is of course another aspect to an exploratory essay on globalization and minority American communities which is just as important. This is a retrospective form of writing which means you have to work through a problem. You have to state when certain research was completed and how. You really have to be introspective about the thinking process which led you to any conclusions you present.

When you are writing your exploratory essay on globalization and minority American communities there are a few questions you have to ask yourself.

  1. Have You Set up the Context?

    You have to make sure you have all the general information about your main topic and the situation is explained to your reader so that they can make sense of the issue and know what question you are going to answer.

  2. Have You Stated Why Your Main Idea Is Important?

    You have to tell the reader why they should care about the topic of globalization and minority American communities and why they should keep reading your paper in the first place. Your goal here is to create an educational paper which is clear and compelling. When people read your paper they should want to act upon it.

  3. Have You Stated Your Research Question?

    You need to compose a question or two which communicate what you are going to discover by reviewing globalization and minority American communities and why you are interested in the matter.

With this in mind, it is time to start drafting your work. Like any traditional essay, this one should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use an outline to make this process more efficient; with an outline you can write out the first draft in no time because all of the right sections are already covered.


When you go to edit the first draft of your exploratory essay on globalization and minority American communities it is important that you make sure every proper element has been covered. This is done by asking yourself a few questions including the following:

Tired of all the guides and never-ending instructions?
  • Did you identify your problem?
  • Did you mention any possible solution to your problem?
  • Did you provide the reader with any different points of view relating to the topic?
  • Did you explore the strengths and weaknesses associated with your topic? Did you make sure to introduce your research question?
  • Did you review the causes of the problem and all contributing factors?
  • Did you present to the reader all of the people or institutions involved in the situation and have included the decision makers?

This guide should give enough insights on the matter in order to write your own exploratory essay on globalization and minority American communities. Feel free to also check our 20 topics and sample essay on the subject along with selected facts list for some solid data.

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