Essay Sample on Marriages: Why Do They Fail?

The marriage is considered to be the combination of two lives for passing the Life span with mutual interest. According to an other saying Husband and the wife are considered the wheels of vehicle if any one of them faces problems; the other will likely suffer the same.

There are two types of marriages prevalent in the world. The First one is Love marriage and the other one is arranged marriage. In western countries mostly the love marriages are preferred over the arranged marriages because they have open society norms. But in Eastern Countries mostly the marriages are arranged by the parents of the boys and girls. The nature and problems of the marriages vary from the type of society.

There are some societies where the marriages are regarded good and lawful relationship between the Wife and husband and it last for long time. But in the west in some countries, there are several problems because both the wife and husband have to work and look after the children. There are usually rifts upon the family background of the either side, financial matters and other domestic problems which cause divorce or separation legally from the life partner.

Main reasons of failure:
The main reasons of failure are giving below. These are related with natural, human relationships in marriage:

1. It is observed that often couples fail to anticipate differences which result from diverse cultural backgrounds, differing family experiences, gender, and so on..
2. The Couples fall into the concept of a “fifty-fifty” relationship, meaning they honestly expect their spouses to meet them halfway on all aspects
3. The society has taught us that mankind is basically good. Therefore, often the couples fail to anticipate and assess their self-centered natures that demand their own way.
4. The married couples fail to cope with life’s trials or hard times . When painful trials come into the marriage, instead of standing together through them, couples tend to blame each other or in other words think something is wrong with the spouse and the way they handle the pain and this leads to their separation .
5. Many people have got a fantasy view of love and life . They abruptly feel stuck with person who does not appear to loving and become deceived into the wrong belief that the next one will be better than the current ..
6. it is also observed at large scale that many people lack a vital relationship with region background . It could be that they have never come to a specific point in time when they asked their deities into their lives as a result he has no impact on the marriage relationship.
7. The Marriages are often forced , in such condition the circumstances lead to divorce due misunderstanding between the Couple . They are married with the will of their parents . They do not appear to interested in them selves.
8. The women are very jealous with other women so they do not want their love divided in two parts , this is an other important cause of failure of marriages .
9. The heavy drunkards often beat their wives and inflict punishment which causes a serious reaction and the circumstances lead them to separation.
10. There is an other common failure of parenting is to not instill principles in children.

Tired of all the guides and never-ending instructions?

They are merely programmed like read only memories. That is, they are told what to do in different situations instead of being given the moral, economic, or health principles involved. As a result, the children form their own principles from the statements from their parents, which seldom are the principles that the parents wanted to instill.

Measures to escape marriage failures:
Now the question arise how to escape the failures of marriages. Well to sustain the successful marriages the following point will be useful

• Firstly the marriages should not forced or conditional which may cause initial displeasure which lea to divorce.
• The like-mindedness is an other asset to sustain a successful marriage.
• The marriages both either arranged or love marriages may considered as the most important relations between the couple and they should be cooperative to each other and forgive the small rifts otherwise they will occur as big problems and lead to divorce.
• Finally the Wife and Husband has sacred relations in all religions of the world , so they must care each other as their impact quarrels may not affect the Life and nature of their children after their birth.
• It is generally observed that divorce is the legal right separation of both husband and wife , but it may practice when there is solution otherwise divorced woman has no value in the society as compared Husband who can marry any girl .

Finally the marriages are very sensitive relations so they have some critical nature of notion. All depends upon both the husband and the Wife to spend the life in such a way that they can live a happy life and establish an example for the people who follow this relation. They must take care of each other and know the interests of each other in order to properly understand the likes and dislikes of each other. Furthermore in joint families , they should be given freedom to interact each other as they need the support of one other to pas the long span of age.

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