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Writing a well-developed article review is a great way to practice your analytical, reading, writing, and scientific skills. Nowadays, there is a significant number of captivating article review topics and ideas that allow presenting a strong central point and discussing some related ideas. Before you start, read thoroughly all the instructions provided by the professor and pay attention to the topics that are defined by the requirements. In addition, it is necessary to use provided guidelines that usually include a list of relevant literature, paper examples, and several interesting topics to research.

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A literature review is not a mere retelling of what you have found in a certain article. It is a deep analysis of sources to identify the problem and its solution in an academic paper. That is why topics for article review must be urgent and interesting for the target audience.

Next, while reading the article, keep your focus on the main subject discussed by the author, as the majority of scholarly articles tend to evaluate a range of related theories, issues, and concerns, in this way, attracting the attention of the reader to many other similar subjects. Besides, the authors of such articles usually assume that the readers operate with background knowledge on the point, and, as a result, use sophisticated structures and discuss complicated issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the researcher to pay special attention to abstracts, summaries, and conclusions as they help to understand all the discussed information and write a well-developed and comprehensive article review. If you have some difficulties with completing the article review assignment, or you cannot think of proper topics and ideas, the following list of ideas and topics will help you to solve these issues and pick the most interesting one to research. If even after that you feel like you can’t choose the topic that works for you, approach a skillful article review writer for a quick help.

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When our clients ask us to help with topics for review papers, we recommend concentrating on the subject and technical aspects of writing. For example, a student can choose Chemistry and new articles about it. Besides, it is essential to remember formatting and grammar.

Topics for Review Paper to Impress the Reader

Get 20 ideas that article reviews can help to research.

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  1. The Best Teaching Approaches for Remote Learning
    Covid-19 forced people to stay at home and get educated online. What methods won, and what learning approaches failed? Today, many educational websites discuss topics that are worth reviewing.
  2. Covid-19 and Ebola: Viruses That Terrorize the World
    It is hard to spot at least one scientific magazine that does not discuss coronavirus and Ebola. You can review them, trying to find discoveries, innovations, and new treatment methods.
  3. The Best Tools to Master Foreign Languages
    Many articles are devoted to apps and online tutorials that help users master languages. What are the top chosen tools today?
  4. Lack of Clean Drinking Water
    The Earth is running out of natural resources, including clean drinking water. Scientific journals discuss this problem and integrate it with global warming. What are the solutions? When will freshwater vanish if humans do nothing to prevent the global catastrophe?
  5. Cultural, Racial, and Religious Diversity
    Articles about tolerance of other religions, cultures, sexual orientations, and races reflect the attitude of people to diversity. Has modern society accepted it?
  6. Effective Academic Writing
    Another significant aspect in the life of every student is academic writing. Review articles to find out how academic writing requirements and trends have changed.
  7. How to Upbring a Child in the Era of Technology
    Today, children respect TikTok influencers more than their parents. What do psychologists recommend parents do in their research? How to raise children in the XXI century?
  8. Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    Addiction has always been a top problem in countries worldwide. The most dangerous one is drug abuse which occurs when a health advisor does not control treatment and a patient becomes dependent. What has been said about solutions today?
  9. Unfair Music Competitions
    Eurovision and radio charts usually reflect either successful money investments or political interests. What information can be found in articles?
  10. Artificial Vitamins and Dietary Supplementaries
    Some doctors say that artificial vitamins and supplements are useless while others believe in their positive effects. Support ideas with article citations.
  11. Legalized Marijuana and Its Derivatives
    One can buy hemp and marijuana edibles and drinks online RX. Are they safe?
  12. Pros and Cons of Gun Possession
    How is the problem of free gun trade described in articles? What are the viewpoints of the government, the police, and the people who want to buy it?
  13. Autism in the World of Human-Human Professions
    Find scientific proof or rebuttal that an autistic person can work with other people and in stressful situations decently.
  14. Robots and Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Workforce
    Articles in Science and Technology magazines contain examples of when people were replaced with robots and bots. Will human force become cheap and useless soon?
  15. Mobile Translators Reduce the Necessity to Learn Languages
    Some time ago it was trendy and prestigious to become language experts. Today, one can find dozens of applications to translate the required phrase via voice records. What do educational websites say about that?
  16. Alternative Medicine vs. Traditional Treatment
    Pharmacology has numerous products that help and are available in drugstores. Herbs, bee products, and supplements are harder to get but promise to be effective. What do medical researchers say in their research?
  17. How to Secure Oneself from Lyme Disease
    Ticks are spreading rapidly, and the reasons are explained in scientific articles. How to protect yourself from borreliosis, encephalitis, and other co-infections?
  18. Gender Behavior: Should There Be Any Norms
    What do psychologists say about the norms of gender upbringing? Should boys cry? Is a child-free life normal for women?
  19. Violence and Naturalism on Screen and in Music
    Most movies, songs, and video games contain cruelty. How to protect a child?
  20. Crime and Punishment in the XXI Century and Before
    Today, we have numerous cameras everywhere, but we still have unsolved crimes and wrongly convicted people. What is the problem? Was the justice system better before?

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The best article review topics are impossible to find without proper knowledge of the discipline. It is also necessary to have a list of reputable magazines, newspapers, and journals. Only such periodicals post verified information that students can use to evidence research ideas in their academic papers.

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