Article Review Topics & Ideas

Writing a well-developed article review is a great way to practice your analytical, reading, writing, and scientific skills. Nowadays, there is a significant number of captivating article review topics and ideas that allow presenting a strong central point and discussing some related ideas. Before you start, read thoroughly all the instructions provided by the professor and pay attention to the topics that are defined by the requirements. In addition, it is necessary to use provided guidelines that usually include a list of relevant literature, paper examples, and several interesting topics to research.

Next, while reading the article, keep your focus on the main subject discussed by the author, as the majority of scholarly articles tend to evaluate a range of related theories, issues, and concerns, in this way, attracting the attention of the reader to many other similar subjects. Besides, the authors of such articles usually assume that the readers operate with background knowledge on the point, and, as a result, use sophisticated structures and discuss complicated issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended for the researcher to pay special attention to abstracts, summaries, and conclusions as they help to understand all the discussed information and write a well-developed and comprehensive article review. If you have some difficulties with completing the article review assignment, or you cannot think of proper topics and ideas, the following list of ideas and topics will help you to solve these issues and pick the most interesting one to research.

Topic and Ideas for Article Review

Below you can find examples of topics for article review:

  1. Communication Differences between Males and Females
    This topic for article review allows you to research gender peculiarities in communication. Search for the articles on the topic in scholarly journals and read them carefully in order to pick up the most interesting and informative. Next, provide a summary of the chosen article, evaluate the applied theories, research method, and discussion section, and provide comments on the results or the conclusion.
  2. The Importance of Sport for Students
    For sure, sport for students is of high importance as it allows young people to develop team spirit, make new friends, and improve their physical well-being. Therefore, you may search for the articles to review in peer-reviewed journals on health and education. In addition, some interesting articles may be found in specialized sports journals. On reading the article, it is necessary to summarize the covered material and provide a developed critique of facts, figures, and other information discussed by the author.
  3. Negative Health Effects Caused by Illegal Drugs and Substances
    In order to write a good article review on the topic, you should look through such journals as Nature Research: International Journal on Science, American Journal of Public Health, Drug and Alcohol Dependence, and others. These journals are reliable sources that provide a number of peer-reviewed articles on illegal drugs written by leading researchers, professors, and practicing specialists. On reading the article, summarize it and discuss the described negative health effects caused by illegal drugs and substances. You may also identify some contradictions or inconsistencies found in the article and think of topics for future research grounded on the discussed information.
  4. Use of Drugs in Professional Sports
    It is not a secret that famous professional sportsmen use different drugs in order to build stamina and perform better results. The articles on this particular subject may be found in The Sport Journal, Journal of Sports Science and Medicine, and Journal of Sport Management. Provide a summary of the chosen article evaluate the provided facts, in this way, developing an informative article review on the provocative topic.
  5. Street Art Tendencies in the USA
    Street art is a popular stream of visual art that is characterized by different graffiti forms, poster art, installations, and sculptures. The articles on these captivating topics may be found in The Street Art & Urban Creativity Scientific Journal, The Art Journal, and The Art World. Read the article carefully and provide a comprehensive summary of street art tendencies in the USA. Evaluate the supportive illustrations and pieces of evidence, defining the informative value of the source and specifying the art tendencies in the nearest future.
  6. Obesity and Its Negative Effects on Health
    Nowadays, obesity is one of the most spread medical conditions characterized by negative effects on health. Therefore, it is a great topic to write an informative article review and provide the evaluation of future tendencies. Valuable articles on the point may be found in such peer-reviewed journals as International Journal of Obesity, Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, Surgery for Obesity and Related Diseases, and others.
  7. Causes and Treatment of Infectious Diseases
    Nowadays, infectious diseases like pneumonia, influenza, strep throat, and others are widely spread and treated with various antiviral medication. These diseases can be spread in direct and indirect ways, being transmitted from one person to another is short periods of time. For that reason, it is a captivating topic to research as it allows discussing the main causes of infectious diseases and evaluating the most efficient ways of treatment. The articles to review may be found in a range of periodicals including The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Scandinavian Journal of Infectious Diseases, International Journal of Infectious Diseases, and many others.
  8. Ethnic Music
    Ethnic music is a great topic to review as it allows discovering a lot of interesting information on the ways of expressing historical differences and performing identities in the international urban society. The articles on this topic may discuss the ethnic music of new immigrants, different religious communities, and working-class pieces of music. The articles on ethnic music may be found in The Folk Music Journal, Journal of World Popular Music, and Journal of the International Folk Music Council.
  9. Illegal Immigration in the USA
    The topic of illegal immigration in the USA appears to be one of the most discussed by the American government these days. The official figures of the illegal immigration provided in the government reports are impressive; however, the real number of illegal immigrants is reported to be much higher. Therefore, illegal immigration in the USA is a great topic to discuss as it allows discovering a lot of valuable information on the point. The related articles may be found in The Journal of Economic Literature, The Journal of Economic Perspectives, and The European journal of American studies.
  10. Gender Roles and Their Change in the Modern World
    Because of globalization, gender roles tend to change, having a significant impact on social, economic, and cultural aspects of international society. Numerous scholars and researchers examined this topic in their articles published in such journals as Sex Roles, Gender and Society, Social Politics, and others. On reading the chosen article, summarize the main points and evaluate them thoroughly, defining possible limitations and contradictions.
  11. Global Warming
    Global warming is an important issue that has been actively discussed by numerous specialists for several recent decades. The articles on this topic may be found in a range of American and international journals including The International Journal of Global Warming, The SciFed Journal of Global Warming, and The American Journal of Climate Change. Pick up the most interesting article, summarize the main points on global warming, and provide the evaluation of the supportive information.
  12. Multicultural Families
    Because of globalization, the number of multicultural families has increased considerably. This issue has been discussed in numerous articles published in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, and Journal of Marriage and Family, and others. You may pick up the article on challenges faced by multicultural families, advantages and disadvantages of growing in such families, and adoption of children by multicultural couples.
  13. Racism
    Racism, racial inequality, and discrimination are captivating topics to research and review as they allow discovering a lot of valuable information on the Civil Rights Movement, evaluate the development of the law enforcement, and find numerous interesting historical facts. The related articles may be found in The Journal of World-Systems Research, The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, American Journal of Public Health, and others. Pick up the article and summarize the information on racism, evaluate supportive facts and figures, and discuss its historical perspectives in the past century.
  14. Gun Violence in the USA
    Gun violence is one of the main causes of premature deaths in the territory of the USA. Because the considerations on this topic are usually controversial, it provides a lot of valuable ideas to research and review. Thus, you can discuss articles on mass shootings, gun violence against women, and gun violence against people of color. The articles on the point may be found in The American Journal of Nursing, Journal of Lancaster General Health, and Science Daily.
  15. Legalization of Marijuana
    Legalization of Marijuana is another topic that requires the author of the article review to evaluate the provided information, summarize it, and define some limitations and inconsistencies mentioned. The articles on the advantages and disadvantages of the legalization of marijuana may be found in The Journal for Nurse Practitioners, Journal of Nursing Regulation, and law journals.
  16. Alternative Medicine
    A range of practitioners all around the globe actively promotes alternative medicine. Because alternative medicine, also known as pseudo medicine, is not proven to be efficient, it is actively discussed by scientists, scholars, and researchers. The article for the review on the point may be found in a range of peer-reviewed journals: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, and African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines.
  17. Alzheimer’s Disease
    Because Alzheimer’s disease continues to be one of the most spread chronic neurodegenerative diseases in the world, it is actively discussed by medical specialists, scientists, and researchers. Their well-developed articles on this disease may be found in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinsonism, and The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. On reading the article, discuss the possible limitations and evaluate the supportive facts and figures.
  18. Autism
    An autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that has been actively researched by numerous specialists from different countries. Because the disorder usually affects the ability of children to communicate and interact, it is highly important for medical researchers to discuss the possible solutions and treatment programs and evaluate them thoroughly. Numerous articles on the point may be found in specialized journals like Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Autism Research Journal, and others. On reading the article, it is necessary to summarize important facts and figures on autism, explain the main point of the author, and evaluate the information provided in conclusion.
  19. Greenhouse Effect
    The greenhouse effect is an important issue actively discussed by the specialists as it causes global warming and provides significant harm to the natural environment. Articles on the point are written by experienced researchers and may be found in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and many others. Therefore, your review may include a summary of the article on the greenhouse effect, its evaluation, and some personal reflection on it.
  20. Recycling
    The problem of converting waste materials is growing, and the process of recycling is one of the best possible solutions provided for today. In this way, it is actively discussed by the specialists in a range of reliable sources that include Journal of Waste Resources and Recycling, International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture, and Journal of Chemical Education. On reading the article, summarize it, provide the evaluation of possible advantages of recycling, and consider the limitations mentioned.

Writing an interesting and well-structured article review is not easy, as it requires you to find an article in a reliable source, read it thoroughly, evaluate the discussed information, and consider possible limitations. In addition, writing an article review requires you to utilize a set of writing and analytical skills, arrange the paper according to instructions, and meet all the requirements of the professor. At the same time, writing an article review allows discovering a lot of interesting and important information, comparing with the other sources, and define its scientific and academic value.

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