20 Topics for a Graduation Speech

If you have been chosen to deliver a graduation speech for your class, kudos on being chosen as the voice of the class. You are very lucky to be given such a great responsibility. However, to deliver a killer speech, you need to write one. If you have delayed this task for so long, chances are that you are suffering from mental block because all you can think of is the deadline. Do not worry; you can check our 7 facts about famous speakers who gave a graduation speech to be inspired by some of the best speeches ever.

However, if you want to put a little extra effort into the whole process, here are 20 topics that are suitable for this occasion:

  1. Goals: The Importance of Establishing Them and How to Achieve Them
  2. Determination as the Key to Success in Both Life and Career
  3. The Power of Mistakes and their Ability to Build Individuals
  4. The Importance of Taking Ownership of Life and Decisions
  5. Combining Knowledge with Creativity to Think Outside the Box
  6. The Sky Should Be the Limit of Your Goals
  7. The Need to Factor Your Heart in What You Do
  8. Understanding the Person Behind the Man/Woman to Make Better Decisions
  9. The Role of Graduates in Making the World A Better Place
  10. Excellence as a Journey Every Graduate Will Need to Travel to Reach Heights
  11. Developing an Attitude for Gratitude
  12. Keeping What is Important in Mind to Achieve the Success Students Were Destined For
  13. The Importance of Balancing Work and Fun for a Healthy Life and Career
  14. Finding Your Purpose: Understanding What You Were Created to Do and Begin Doing It
  15. Fall Forward: The Reality of Failure and How to Keep Going Ahead Despite Setbacks
  16. Trusting in One’s Own Abilities to Pave the Path to Success
  17. Be Yourself: The Need to Stay Faithful to the One Person Who Can Help You Achieve Your Goals
  18. The Best Options for When Life Gives You Lemons
  19. Words of Wisdom on Picking Your Own Battles.
  20. Dreams vs. Realities: Life Before and After College

To help get your creative juices flowing, here is a quick sample you can go through before writing your own speech.

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Graduation Speech Sample “Pick Your Battles”

I am thankful for getting the opportunity to speak in front of all my colleagues today. Ever since I got to know that I’ll be giving a speech in front of the entire class of 20xx, I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to say. I researched every source I could find and even went through other speakers’ pieces only to learn that there is one thing in common between all success stories: everyone had a different approach to life.

I grew up being told that education is important if you want to succeed in life, but there are many billionaires who are college dropouts. I was told that one should always aim for the sky no matter what, but I’ve seen people dropping out of college because of family reasons. You must be wondering where I’m going with all this, but don’t worry. I have something to share. Studying about all the irregularities and injustices of life led me to a very clear realization that there is no formula to life. And that’s what I am going to talk about today.

I believe you should pick your battles, but not at first. Steve Jobs once said that you can’t connect the dots of your life if you’re looking into the future; you can only do that when you look back at it 10 years down the line. This means you should do all that the happy speech givers tell you to. Aim for the sky; nothing is impossible and keep thriving no matter what life throws at you. Yet once you’ve been through the disappointments and difficulties of life, you will need a reason to carry on.

I could have given a speech that revolved around the usual inspirational quotes, but no one can tell you what’s going to happen next. I can tell you in ten different ways not to give up, but the best of us give up from time to time. I can convince you today that nothing life throws your way will be beyond your patience limits, but that’ll be a lie because I’ve seen the strongest of people break into a million pieces. So what is it that keeps us all going? What is that one good thing in life that you can rely on to never go wrong? Everyone has that shoulder to cry on or the people who push them further. It’s these people with whom you need to remain connected with throughout.

In my case, it has always been my family. Family is the only thing on which I could never compromise on. No goals, no dreams, no destination in life is worth letting them go. I say this because that’s what my father did. He sacrificed so much for his family when he could have just followed his dreams and become everything he wanted to. Everything you do in your life, you do it for your family, and believe you me, your loved ones will never step into your way if you want to achieve something great.

I would like to conclude my speech by saying that now I am not confused anymore. Whenever I get beaten down by life’s hardships, I try to find a reason to carry on. I already have mine, and now it’s time for you to find yours. Don’t let the sky be the limit, but also pick your battles to avoid stressing yourself beyond your limits.

Now you can definitely write a better graduation speech. So, use our how to write a speech for graduation for guidance.

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