"The Social Media" - Top 20 Research Paper Topic Ideas

Research Paper Topics on Social Media

Everyone uses social media for various purposes. Some people look for information, some users try to find new friends, some individuals learn the news, and others try to develop their business on social media platforms.  Speaking about academic writing, one should mention that it’s very important to find catching topics for research paper writing on social media. Topics like “what is social media” won’t surprise anyone. By the way, such a topic doesn’t lead to discussions and cannot raise provocative arguments.

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20 Topics to Consider when Choosing a Social Media Research Theme

If you have to write a research paper on social media, you may choose one of the following topics.

  1. Social Media: a Perfect Platform to Develop Private Business
  2. Social Media or It Cuts Both Ways
  3. How Social Networks Make People to Commit a Suicide: Manipulating Games, Cyberbullying, and Virtual Games Leading to Cruelty
  4. How Schools Benefit and Lose when Letting Their Schoolchildren Use Social Media
  5. How do Social Networks Make a Person Addicted to Social Media and Can a Person Treat That Addiction?
  6. Should Parents Control Their Children’s Activity on Social Networks? Pros and Cons of Parents’ Hyperprotection
  7. Facebook and Twitter Save Lives: How Social Media Helps When Natural Disasters Occur
  8. The Danger behind the Profile: How Social Media “Assists” in Kidnapping and Assaults
  9. Social Media: Connecting and Disconnecting People
  10. Celebrities on Social Media or We Need Good PR
  11. Is Personal Data Protected on Social Media Platforms? Is It Possible to Avoid Government’s Monitoring?
  12. Looking for the Job on Facebook: Is It Safe or Not?
  13. Social Media Helps People Who Suffer from Various Diseases: How to Save a Person and Not to Become a Victim of Cheaters
  14. Human Values Before and After Social Media Creation
  15. I’m on Facebook Since My Birthday: Should the Government Impose Age Limitation Concerning Social Media Activity
  16. “Momo” and “Blue Whale Challenge”: What Games Should People Avoid When Browsing Social Media
  17. Does Social Media Spread or Kill Stereotyping?
  18. Can Social Media Help to Stop Racism and Nationalism?
  19. Social Media Fashion: Programs Which Help to Educate and Make Us Look and Feel Better
  20. Advertising and Spams: How to Recognize the Lie and Reality

A researcher should select a topic that deals with the up-to-date problem and offers new ways of its solution. Moreover, the topic has to be supported with strong facts so the paper is considered reliable and valid. It’s no doubt, the topic of social media is highly debatable. If you lack the skills to discuss the topics professionally, approach the reps of the research paper writing service for a piece of advice or two.

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Sample Paper on Social Media: Generation Gap or What Parents Should Know about Social Media

It’s not a secret that there are people who prefer staying aside from social media. They either want to keep in secret their private life or just have no time to live active life online. As a result, parents often are not aware of what their children do on social networks and what danger is hidden behind the person’s profile. They also don’t know how a person can benefit from using social media platforms.

Children, especially, teenagers hate when their parents control their social accounts. Kids like to behave like adults and social networks help them feel independent. They post their photos, videos, comment things, get their likes, and choose people they want to communicate with. Parents’ mission is to protect their children. That’s why they often try to impose their points of view concerning the choice of friends. Consequently, parents quarrel with children and children apply various passwords trying to protect their virtual life.

There are things which parents should know about social networking. First, it’s necessary to learn its positive nature. Social media lets children find new people, learn languages, improve knowledge, solve their problems, enrich their outlook, and keep in touch with time requirements. Children can exchange personal experience. Students can warn their mates and tutors in case they feel unwell or need to miss classes. There are many social communities letting their users study, progress, and even earn money.

On the other hand, there are negative aspects of social networking. A great number of people use Facebook to kidnap and commit crimes. The problem of the Internet is that it lacks lucidity. One can upload pictures and videos which don’t belong to the owner and give false information about a person. For example, a senior man can pretend to be a teenager and try to date young girls. First, he “interviews” a girl. Then, he cozies up to the victim and, finally, asks her to spend some time with him tête-a-tête.

Burglars also like studying profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social platforms on the Internet. They try to learn the information about possible victims. They learn their address, personal data, and follow their accounts to see when they plan traveling. Due to that, they can penetrate into the apartments and steal valuable things. Some criminals try to find prosperous families who have kids. They either kidnap kids and hold to ransom or leave them holding the bag making parents redeem them.

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That’s why parents have to explain to their kids that it’s very dangerous to share personal information on social networks. Children should avoid publishing their intimate photos and meeting unknown people in private. By the way, they must not inform the Internet audience about plans for holidays. It’s better to post data afterward unless the apartments are not empty (for example, children went somewhere with their mother or teacher and their father stayed at home).

There is one more danger. Kids like doing online shopping or taking part in various drawings and games. Such things require investments and even take children’s lives. Parents should know how their children spend their pocket money. They should also explain that there are many frauds on the Internet. That’s why parents are recommended to control online purchases performed by their children in order to save money and reduce the risk of getting debts in case their kids decide to participate in drawings.

So, we may say that social media has its positive and negative aspects. Parents’ task is to be fair with their children and just tell them to be careful while posting something. They should also warn them about dangerous online games like “Blue Whale Challenge” and “Momo”. No doubt, there is no need to deprive their children of the right to use social networks. Otherwise, kids will try to do the opposite.


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