PowerPoint Presentation Topic Online Education: 20 Creative Ideas

Online education, otherwise known as e-learning, has come to stay, and its mainstream acceptance by the corporate and educational industry gives it the legitimacy needed to attract individuals planning to further their education. Today, the majority of the higher institutions in the United States offer online courses to the public, and, more importantly, credit in some of these courses are now been recognized by brick and mortar colleges across the world.

Pro tip

An advanced speaker regards three things when introducing a PPT on education – the text of the speech, the presentation format, and body language. You should point to the screen and look at it to let the listeners understand that it is time to consider the visual information. If you want to get eye contact, you should not read the text and move around, looking into the eyes of your audience.

How to Introduce PowerPoint Presentation Topics Online Education Effectively

Interest in online education is at an all-time high because students from every quota of life can now further their education by following personal schedules, while professionals can also enroll in courses that help their professional development and attend the corresponding virtual classes after work hours.

When a person creates a PowerPoint presentation topic online education, it is necessary to keep in mind five simple rules.

  • A PPT must not have more than five lines per slide and five words per line. The primary purpose of a presentation is to let the audience get the message. A couple of words work well because a listener sees the key message on a board without the need to read long texts and distracts from the speaker’s speech.
  • The design and size of the font should echo the audience’s preferences. If you are going to introduce something to kids, you can choose some entertaining pictures of cartoon characters, various colors, etc. If your listeners are students and a college committee, it will be better to make it more traditional or standard to meet academic requirements.
  • Color patterns and font type also matter. The readability of the text in PowerPoint presentation topics online education depends on color patterns and font type. It is better not to combine light fonts on the light background, or do the opposite (dark font on the dark background). Professionals also recommend not using irritating bright colors that hurt the eyes.
  • Select photos and pictures only of good quality. Blurred images puzzle the audience. Moreover, one should either make them independently or cite the source to avoid plagiarism. The best variant is to depict the topic and use words with the help of infographics.
  • Animations are good, but do not use too many of them. Animations and graphics are perfect eye-catchers. Nevertheless, one should not overload the PPT with visual tools (1-2 photos for one slide maximum).

Professionals also suggest using bullets instead of paragraphs when introducing some ideas.

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Students don’t live by Microsoft software alone. Except for Microsoft PowerPoint, students can use other tools to create a presentation on the topic of online education. These are Canvas, Slideshare, Prezi, Google Slides, Beautiful.ai, Powtoon, and others. We help students create presentations that contain minimum words but convey the maximum sense.

20 Topics about Online Education for a PPT

The phenomenal growth of online education has seen it become a subject to be studied and discussed in traditional classrooms. Therefore, once in a while, students may be tasked with drafting a presentation on online education, and if you happen to fall into this category, here are 20 excellent presentation topics on online education:

  1. Compare and contrast the challenges that educators face when teaching children who go to primary and high school
  2. What online platforms are more comfortable for students and teachers in online classes?
  3. Time-management problems and ways for solutions for students who want to succeed in online courses
  4. What can the government do for students who do not have gadgets to study remotely?
  5. Should students and teachers turn on their cameras when discussing some online presentations in Zoom or Google Meet?
  6. Why are US parents mostly dissatisfied with the online teaching format?
  7. What life opportunities can students miss when dealing only with remote learning?
  8. What remote learning activities are students’ favorites, and what assignments do they hate?
  9. How to teach small kids to cover a school curriculum and not overload learners
  10. Are online classes more effective than asynchronous assignments?
  11. Why is PowerPoint the most chosen presentation tool worldwide?
  12. How to prevent eyesight problems and issues with posture in students who study remotely
  13. What helps me stay motivated while studying offline?
  14. Indisputable benefits of online education for physically disabled students
  15. Is online or traditional teaching more beneficial for the country’s economy?
  16. Should parents stay beside their children while they are attending online classes?
  17. Can teachers evaluate a student’s awareness of a discipline correctly when checking homework made after online and offline classes?
  18. How to solve a problem with a student’s cheating in online classes, especially in passing tests at home?
  19. How do medical universities handle online studies? Is it possible to teach surgery and other essential professional practical skills remotely?
  20. Does handwriting task deficiency affect a student’s learning and spelling memorizing abilities?

So we come to the end of the 20 topics you can choose from when writing a presentation or research paper on the topic of online education. Going through the list, I believe you would agree with me when I say these are some cool presentation topics, right? If you do, then do not hesitate to read the sample paper based on one of the listed topics above, as well as to check on our 10 facts on online education and guide for a creative presentation.

So, it is not enough to find stellar online education topics for presentation. One should also be able to compose a brief and concise presentation to support oral speech with visualization. Besides, one should apply body language to let the audience understand when to look at the screen or follow the speaker.

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