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How to Write a Classification Essay in Psychology & Explain Your Reasoning

Students in high schools and colleges encounter the task to write a classification essay at some stage of their academic life. What is it? Generally speaking, a classification essay is an acad...

How to Write a Critical Thinking Essay in Psychology - Research, Analyze, Criticize, Write It Down

Psychology is the science of our inner world, and this makes it a difficult discipline to write a critical essay. Each person subconsciously transfers his personal experience to paper, so in o...

How to Write a Presentation in Psychology: Guide for College Students

Looking for tips on how to create an effective presentation in psychology? Working on this assignment, you will be able to gain an insight into a field of psychology and human interaction. But...

Writing a Psychology Research Paper: A Complete Guide

A research paper is a scholarly work containing original research or documenting a new invention that is usually supposed to be published in an academic journal and be subjected to peer review...

Psychology Term Paper: A Complete Guide

A term paper is a common format of academic writing psychology students encounter in college. It is a research paper of significant size (normally up to 6000 words) that is assigned in the beg...

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Writing a Psychology Essay: A Complete Guide

Many college freshmen don’t take essays seriously, associating them with assignments they used to write in high school. However, despite having the same name they are quite different. In high ...

What? Where? How to Write an Anxiety Disorder Case Study?

Depending on the academic specialty, students compose different types of academic assignments on various topics. Thus, students of psychological and/or medical faculties write an anxiety disor...

Guide for a Winner Dissertation on Principles of Psychology

Welcome to our third and final guide, guide for a winner dissertation on principles of psychology. This guide would prove to be very useful for students who are about to undertake dissertation...

The Making of a Cause and Effect Essay on Biomedical Physiology

Writing an essay is one task every student must accomplish throughout his or her educational career. This is due to the fact that it teaches the average person how to organize his or her thoug...

How to Strike a Good Compare and Contrast Essay on Social Psychology and Affluenza

The purpose of writing an essay tasked with comparing and contrasting two thought patterns or different sides of a coin, is to analyze the pros and cons of both sides. An excellent compare and...

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