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How to Write an Extended Essay

[toc] Student life is wonderful - students learn a lot, make discoveries, and meet new people. But usually, in the last year of study, students are faced with a type of work such as a thesis o...

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Creating an Extended Paper to Get far Better off as a Writer

An extended essay is one of the most challenging tasks that students have to write regularly. It is a type of academic assignment that is based on both an in-depth and clear analysis of the chosen topic. It usually comprises 4000 words and should be done under the college advisor’s control. After all, this paper is an integral part of your IB Diploma which means you should know how to write an extended essay introduction, body, and conclusion like a pro. If you don’t feel like your skills are enough to compose a good paper, have a read of our online guides. Our team of professional writers and editors has prepared the most useful tips and tricks to help you accomplish your extended essays. Now you can learn from professional recommendations and various successful examples of extended essays. Our website offers all the necessary information that college and university students need to write an introduction and concluding paragraph of an essay, extend it if necessary, edit and proofread it to make sure it is free from mistakes.

How Long Should an Extended Essay Be & Other Issues

For college and university students, it is important to know how to write an extended paragraph for History, English Literature, Philosophy, or any other discipline. You have to know how to choose the topic that will hook your audience, start and end an essay logically, structure your paper to make it easy to comprehend, do the reflection part of the paper, include the right word count, and make your overall project clear. All those steps are hard to cover on your own without professional assistance or important information. Our website accumulates a range of professional hints to help you to:
  • choose interesting and juicy topics that are close to you;
  • pick the topic that enables you to find relevant background information;
  • solve the problem under study;
  • understand course concepts and use those in order to (dis)prove a thesis;
  • express ideas in each paragraph precisely and clearly.
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