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Philosophy Research Paper Ideas: Tips for Beginners and Experienced

The philosophy research paper is aimed at an investigation of a specific philosophical issue or idea. Philosophy is quite an ancient branch of science that was trying to explain natural and be...

Exemplification Essay: “Myths and Religion” – 20 Topics to Analyze and Discuss

Myths are a part of the human cultural fabric due to their place through the years in helping man understand his environment as well as his place in it. Therefore, we have myths in science, in...

20 Argumentative Essay Topics on Confucianism

If you are tasked with writing an argumentative essay on Confucianism, then you need to start off with a topic. Of course, finding the ideal topic can be difficult at best. In order for you to...

10 Argumentative Essay Topics on Confucianism

If you are writing an argumentative paper on Confucianism then you must ensure that each argument or claim you make is supported with evidence. This is best done by having facts, anecdotes, or...

20 Research Essay Topics: Ideas to Research and Write about Hellenistic Philosophies

If you are writing on Hellenistic philosophy and need a topic, consider the twenty below: Epicureans Beliefs about Knowledge and the Derived Sources for These Beliefs What Stoic Epistemology R...

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10 Research Essay Topics on Hellenistic Philosophies

If you are tasked with writing your research essay on Hellenistic philosophies, one of the first steps is picking your topic after which you must find suitable facts to substantiate any claim ...

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Define How to Select Great Philosophy Assignment Topics

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