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IT Research Essay Ideas: Searching Tips, Great Samples, and Prompts from Experts

Those who master Information Technology today can control the world. It does not mean that people can make someone do what they want. It means that they are powerful enough to control the flow...

"The Social Media" - Top 20 Research Paper Topic Ideas

Everyone uses social media for various purposes. Some people look for information, some users try to find new friends, some individuals learn the news, and others try to develop their business...

10 Facts for a Group Project on Network Security

Welcome to our guide on writing a group project on network security. This is our first guide, and it will help you understand how group project tasks are distributed among members involved and...

20 Proficient Essay Topics: The Best Facts from the History of Internet Development

In our previous guide, 11 facts on Internet history for a proficient essay, you were given some very interesting research material and now you must be aching to go with a particular topic. You...

15 Essay Topics on the Internet History

Today, we’re writing about the history of the Internet. This is a three-part guide that will assist you in writing an excellent and highly proficient essay. In this guide, you’ll find some ver...

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"Data Mining": Top 20 Topics to Research

If you want to conduct a research project on data mining and are looking for facts and topics, then you’ve come to the right place. The previous guide 10 facts on data mining for an academic r...

10 Facts on Data Mining for a Research Project

Data mining is the study of analyzing large amount of data and developing a pattern which can be used for several suitable purposes. If you want to write a research project on this topic, then...

20 Computer Science Project Topics

If you are writing a computer science project, and you need computer science project topics, consider the list of 20 topics below. The Best Defenses Against Web Security Attacks How to Improve...

10 College Project Topics on Computer Science

If you need  some information on computer science for your college project, consider these 10 fun facts below: There is a persistent problem with staffing and retaining IT employees and, altho...

Research Paper: Hot Topics to Discuss in Computer Science

Today the world runs on computers and the demand for qualified personnel is endless. As a result, universities present Computer Science degrees to equip the students for their careers. Compute...

Generate Outstanding IT Assignment Topics Using Smart Tips

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