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Summary Writing Topics: Tips and Tricks from Pros

It is impossible to meet a person who has never summarized anything. School children often write summaries about their favorite books. Teachers often ask to retell a scientific article to test...

Speech Ideas + Pro Tips You Can Hardly Find on Other Websites

What is a speech? It is a multipurpose oral presentation of some ideas in front of the target public. It can be informative, motivational, humorous, persuasive, and instructive. In other words...

Good Research Topics: How and Where to Find Them

When does a person want to read something? The answer is obvious. When the title and content are hooky. Is it possible to do without good research topics? No. That is why the first task of stu...

Top Best Report Ideas: How to Create a Report and What to Write About?

Students are often asked to write either an essay or a report on some topic. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to differentiate between these two academic assignments. What’s more, learners ...

Presentation Topic Ideas: Hook a Teacher and Get Your A+

It is hard to find a college student or a school pupil who has never dealt with presentations. As a rule, teachers ask students to prepare projects and introduce them using various visual tool...

Tired of all the guides and never-ending instructions?

Outline Ideas: How to Choose a Worthy Topic and Create a Good Plan

Is it easier to follow a plan or to improvise? Improvisation works if a person is knowledgeable and experienced. Do all students possess the required knowledge? No. It means that most of them ...

Literature Analysis Ideas: Useful Sources, Examples, and Tips from Experts

Many students do not differentiate between literary analysis and retelling. To retell means to tell what the book or a story is about. To analyze means to choose a factor and review literary w...

Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas for College Students

[toc] College students have to deal with tons of essays. Every essay is specific after its own fashion, and it differs from the rest. You are to clarify its purpose first to be sure you know h...

Evaluation Paper Topics to Cover Great Ideas

[toc] All college students have to write a great gaiety of essays. Every essay has a different purpose, and so a student has to quickly orient and adjust the mind to new demands. One of the mo...

Classification and Division Essay Topic to Disclose an Essential Problem

[toc] We all know about a great variety of academic papers that must be written in high school and afterward in college. Students have to handle them all and meet various demands for writing. ...

Tons of Paper Topics for Your College Writing

One of the most head-wrecking problems in academic writing is the choice of a paper topic. The situation gets simpler if you’re assigned a specific topic. But once you have the whole choice up to you, it all gets too difficult to embrace. Luckily, there’s The aim of our platform is to encourage students to take complete control over their academic writing. Here, we offer unlimited essay topics suggestions for all paper types, for different academic disciplines and lots of nicely-prepared writing examples.

Academic Argument Topics: Suggestions for All Disciplines

There are lots of tips on how to come up with good research topics. For example,
  • Choose the topic that’s interesting to you
  • Go for the topic that’s not too broad, and not too narrow
  • Mind your target reader and choose the topic that interests them
  • Make sure you’ve got lots of good sources for your topic
  • Prepare a solid topic argument
These are the correct suggestions. But they bleak against exact topic samples that are suitable for the specific paper type you’re writing and for the specific discipline you’re learning. That’s what you get at
  • At least 20 free sample topics for different paper types in 50+ disciplines
  • Topic summaries to help you decide if you’re ready to deal with the topic
  • Suggestions on how to modify the topic and prepare for topic discussion
With this information, you will easily come up with the topic that will meet all the requirements for the topic selection mentioned above. But moreover, you will save a lot of your time and effort. And as a result, write your academic task with real pleasure. Remember: with, you will find answers to all the discussion and questions concerning writing, be it an IELTS test, a research paper, or a college opinion essay. And surely, here you will find lots of topic ideas and insights that will help your paper shine. Simply browse our lists and filters to find academic paper topics for your next assignment.