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Essay sample on "The Socratic Method"

The Socratic method was developed by none other than Socrates—the godfather of western philosophy. The objective of it is to break down what we think, and to see reality with fresh eyes. It is...

Essay Sample on Philosophy of Supervision

Introduction Supervision is an integral part of a job, and its presence is more than wanted for employees to complete work successfully. As such, it is crucial for a company, an institution or...

George Berkeley Research Paper

In the "Principles of Human Knowledge," George Berkeley argues that material objects are nothing more than images within the mind. This idealism suggests that no physical non-thinking entities...

Informative Essay Sample on Sartre and His Background

Jean Paul Sartre was born in Paris in 1905. He was the first child of a marriage between his parents of about over a year. His father, Jean-Baptiste, had died from an infection contracted whil...

Essay Sample on John Dewey and His Philosophy

John Dewey had a long and prosperous career as a philosopher and as an educator. Tanner and Tanner have since called him " the greatest of American Educational Philosophers (Tanner and Tanner,...

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Essay Sample on Wisdom: How Did Thoreau and Plato Follow the Path to Wisdom

Eudaimonia. That is the Greek word for happiness. Every person, regardless on statute, age, race, or gender, is in search for that one true thing that could make them fulfilled. People's defin...

Essay Sample on Philosophy of the Good Life

Philosophy had been studied for countless centuries by great people, wise men, and common people. It is not because they have to construct what philosophy is and its importance to humanity and...

Essay Sample on My Educational Philosophy: Who Is a Teacher?

All students can and deserve an opportunity for a quality education. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure learning, which, in turn, makes it difficult to assess what is a quality educati...

Holism vs. Mechanism in Defining Totalities

Holism and mechanism are entirely unrelated philosophical terms that define totalities. Holism is the philosophical concept, which holds that all the components such as economic, social, menta...

Tired of all the guides and never-ending instructions?

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