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The Growth Theory

Growth theory is a way to explain why an economy increases in its power. There are two main explanations for expansion: 1) the supply of great ideas and boosts in living standards comes from t...

Annotated Bibliography: Alphabetical Order Example for a Paper on Macroeconomics

They say that you have to write an annotated bibliography to better get acquainted with the topic of your research. Usually, your professor asks you to do that before you start working on the ...

Political Economy Essay

Political economy simply means the study of the interrelation between politics and economy. It entails the study of how institutions develop and manage to cope in areas of communism, socialism...

Essay Sample on Economic Choices Made by Official Leaders

“President Barack Obama's re-election lifted the shroud of uncertainty that had hung over the markets, as well as tax and regulatory policies. Early in 2013, Congress averted a plunge off the ...

Research Paper Sample on Franchising

Dimensions Influencing Decision Process of Franchising Adoption by Mid-Market Hotels in China Abstract There is a need to explore the dimensions that influence some of the decision-making proc...

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Analytical Essay Sample on Casinos in Cincinnati: How to Make the Economic Progress

Casinos in Cincinnati Essay Introduction The provisions within the entertainment within a given location have been included to establish the developmental features to boost the economic progre...

Essay Sample on How the Budget Cuts Affect the Student’s Education

Sample essay: How the budget cuts affect the student’s education After the 2008 global economic recession, the United States education system has seen drastic budget cuts as states try to cut ...

Essay Sample on Effects of Recession on Students

Example Essay on Effects of Recession on Students: (College life has many challenges that lead to a combination of problems that are propelled by inefficiency in service delivery as well as in...


RELATIONSHIP OF VALUE OF HOME PRICE OVER A PERIOD OF TIME COURSEWORK: When one may be considering to, buy or purchase a home, he or, she may be concerned or interested in knowing whether home ...

Argumentative Essay on Banning Tobacco: Is It Effective?

There are many ways to make people stop using drugs, such as tobacco, as an alternative to a strict prohibition. There are infinite possibilities to make people stop drinking or smoking. Wheth...

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