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Descriptive Writing Examples: My Perfect Vacation to the Middle East, Dubai

You may agree that describing is the action happening in our everyday life. You describe your day, your work, relationships among others. Therefore, there should be no single issue with descri...

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Samples of Descriptive Essays to Hone Your Academic Writing

A descriptive essay requires you to include a vivid description of some person, event, subject, and so on. A good descriptive story can be crafted in the form of a book report, article in a newspaper, speech, narrative on a particular event, memoir, or many other examples of writing. Whether the topic of your descriptive essay is something personal, like your pet or favorite baseball team, or some issues of cultural significance, this type of academic work is an essential part of the education routine. And you have to learn to write it. Unfortunately, a lot of students tend to struggle with descriptive essays – starting from choosing the right topics to structuring an essay paragraph by paragraph. Our website offers a range of descriptive essay examples that ease the process of writing.

Learn the Descriptive Writing Format & Style from Free Samples

Our website contains a wide assortment of descriptive writing examples. Each sample serves as a “road map” for a student when it’s time to format, edit, or write a descriptive essay. Our collection of samples lets students understand the definition of the description essay if they can’t define one themselves, as well as figure out all the ingredients of a quality piece. You will find:
  • Free samples of descriptive essays;
  • Guides on writing the essays in pdf format;
  • The definition of a quality descriptive essay;
  • An example of a high-quality and poor-quality descriptive essay (to know the difference);
  • Everything about how to structure an essay;
  • How to format a descriptive essay in Harvard, MLA, APA, or Chicago style.
Undergrads tend to fail to format their descriptive essays properly or forget to cite sources. As a result, they get low scores. However, those students who check our free samples before writing their own papers get the desired grades, as a result. We offer professionally written samples to make student’s life easier. As you study our pieces, you have an opportunity to:
  • Learn how to write winning descriptive essays;
  • Find answers to all questions related to the formatting, citing, editing, or any other processes;
  • Figure out what data should be included in your work;
  • Learn to work according to academic writing standards.
Keep in mind that we charge nothing for our sample. All descriptive essays are available for free. Browse our online collection of works, study them, and create an excellent college paper on your own!