Top classic english literature samples

The Horror Fiction: Edgar Allan Poe vs. Stephen King

At present, the horror fiction can be regarded as an important part of the literary world. Some people tend to read horror stories because of the adrenaline rush they feel being engrossed in s...

Ten Books to Understand Classic English Literature

Literature has always had a powerful impact on society. Since ancient times, it has been the mirror of the current world, which reflected substantial historical movements and was a method of s...

Creation of Atmosphere of Horror in The Black Cat

Horror is a unique genre of literature that aims at creating a sense of unease and causing disturbing imagery. Scaring off the reader with a word only is challenging, and a limited number of a...

Analysis of A Poison Tree by William Blake

A Poison Tree is a famous poem from Romantic Era English poet William Blake. It was published in 1794 in his collection Songs of Experience. In general, it is about repressed anger that can le...

Creative Writing on World Literature

Introduction It is in the 1660 that is referred to as the date of restoration. This is the period in which the republican experiment that was under Cromwell came to an end. It then gave the Br...

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