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Example of Autobiography Essay About Yourself: Official and Non-Official

Below, you can find two essays. Each of them is an autobiography, but they differ in the presentation style. The first essay is more formal. It introduces a few dry facts mixed with several em...

Personal Essay Samples with Tips from Experts: My Granny Was Special

A personal essay is the type of writing that deals with a reflection. Average personal essay examples have the following structure: an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Its main goal is ...

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Autobiography Paper Examples to Write a Story about Yourself

Writing an essay about your inner self is usually considered one of the easiest academic assignments as compared to scholarship, reflection, narrative, cause and effect, or any other creative paper. Everyone is different, and when a student has to write an autobiography, s/he has to show one’s uniqueness by using words. When you start working on a personal composition, you may find that it is not that easy to describe yourself. Our website contains a collection of short about myself essays written by skillful writers that are English native speakers.

Sample Essay About Myself: Free Samples for College Level Students

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