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Public Administration: Theory, Issues, and Opportunities

Humankind developed the political system with a specific hierarchy adjusted to the needs and specifications of every particular region. Public administration is a sphere of people’s activity a...

A Work-Life Balance among Employees Is a Key to Organization’s Success

In today’s dynamic job environment, many employees struggle to balance their work with family life and other non-work domains of their being. work-life balance is a highly important concept to...

Essay example on "Ada"

Ada was eleven years old, had long and curly hair, blue eyes, and huge glasses. She lived in a big house in a small town where she had no friends because her family just moved there two months...

The Four Waves of Feminism

Feminism is commonly divided into three central waves, each having its specific characteristics, key figures, and ways of expressing the ideas of the movement. The first movement of feminism w...

The Role of Public Administration in Society

To begin with, public administration is one of the necessary aspects of the state that has a great impact on the lives of its citizens. The system of public administration greatly evolved thro...

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Transformational Leadership: Origins, Current Applications, Downsides, and Future

One of the critical problems of modern Leadership Studies is the determination of an optimal management approach. High technological costs and constant changes characterize the modern economy,...

Human Resource Management and Employee Turnover

One of the most devastating losses for any organization is the departure of experienced employees. Even though humankind has managed to formalize a large part of its experience in various writ...

Impact of Cinema on Society and Popular Culture

Cinema, as a highly influential mode of art, undergoes significant changes due to globalization and technological advances sweeping across the world. Film production is a complicated process w...

Consumerist Triggers of Divorce

Marriage is a unique social phenomenon and one of the ethical aspects of social life established by the people on the basis of social norms and mores. Marriage reflects the attitude of people ...

Monogamy and Polygamy Essay Example

It would be reasonable to say that the standard of the constitution of a family, as well as the type of sexual preferences one should endure, have been the topic for discussion for many decade...

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